Five days after attending the open casting call in Seattle, I get an email:

“Thanks so much for attending the Seattle open casting call on Sunday. We really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. In fact, we think you’re a great candidate and want to submit you to the producers. However, because we only got to spend a few minutes with you and didn’t really get time to showcase your personality, we would like you to make a quick videotape of yourself and send it to us…”

My assumption was this was just a mass email that went out to everyone who attended the open casting call, but nonetheless it was encouraging. All I had to do was submit a video to producers by December 2nd, so with 40 days days to spare I had plenty of time.

Fast forward 40 days, I’m at lunch with my friend Sam and still haven’t filmed anything. She knew about the application and said, “Well what if we just film you right here?” I figure it couldn’t hurt, so she grabs my phone and starts throwing questions my way. (As an aside… Sam is also very Norwegian, and frankly, would make an incredible Alt For Norge contestant – you better apply next year Sam!)

The Application Process 2
My Norwegian friend Sam! Video application assistant extraordinaire!

That night I shot some more video in my basement and in 90 minutes hastily edited things together. I literally uploaded my video to YouTube and sent it to producers 2 minutes before the midnight cutoff. Phew!

Check out the final product below!

Unlike my Season 1 application, this year I watched application videos from previous contestants. Their application videos weren’t over the top, professionally edited, or remarkable, but they were genuine, relatable, and focused on their relationship with Norway. In my video I didn’t try and be a character or anyone other than myself – I thought this might hurt my chances (what sort of reality show looks for numbers geek financial advisors?), but sure enough 2 months later…