For the first time in almost a week, it wasn’t one of the coolest days of my life, which in and of itself is pretty staggering.

We had breakfast in our Flåm hotel before starting the 6 hour drive back to Oslo. On the ride I had some great chats with both Heidi and Thomas learning more about their respective pasts. We nabbed lunch at a Thon hotel near the bear park, where I got Martine a birthday card. (She’s one of the awesome “mamas” along with Brita and Ane who look after us cast members 24/7. Martine turns 24 tomorrow.)

Kelsey and I made each other 10 song iPod playlists and then swapped devices. She’s had some great tunes for me! Hop was a particular favorite… I need to get that artist and song information when I get back.

Once we got back to the hotel Thomas and I went for a 2 hour walk towards the city. We aren’t allowed to go too far towards the city, but we managed to explore plenty and meet lots of nice local Norwegians. Back at the hotel we had a great dinner, and were notified about tomorrow’s plan. We’ll leave the hotel at 12:00 and then fly somewhere. We’ll film Wednesday-Saturday, and then on Saturday someone will have to go home 😦 . Regardless, tomorrow should be a blast.