I woke up just in time for the 11 AM breakfast final call and then got to work for the next ~7 hours deciding what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go for the next 18 days, how I’ll get there, and where I’ll stay. I’m so incredibly lucky to get to do this, I pinch myself all the time. After 7 hours here’s how it stands:

June 18: Lisbon to Dubrovnik

19: Dubrovnik

20: Dubrovnik to Hvar

21: Hvar

22: Hvar to Split

23 Split to Athens

24: Athens

25: Athens to Santorini

26: Santorini

27: Santorini

28: Santorini to Cairo

29: Cairo

30: Cairo

July 1: Cairo to Luxor

2: Luxor

3: Luxor to Dubai

4: Dubai to Seattle

What have I gotten myself into?! The pace is a bit quick, but I’m okay with that. I love to go go go and because I have to be back by the 4th of July I don’t have the luxury of spending a week (or more) everywhere I go.

The flights weren’t cheap but weren’t too outrageous, and frankly, this is stuff I’m soooo happy to spend my money on. I drive a 15 year old car, and live with 5 roommates, and am fairly frugal in other areas of my life so I can have adventures like this. When I’m 75 I’m sure I’ll look back and remember these 2.5 weeks. Life is about creating memories.

A big group of us had the Chorizo feed with unlimited wine, and then went out together in the Barrio Alto bar district. It was Friday and my last night in Lisbon, so the perfect opportunity.

We came back to the hostel VERY late, and I had to leave at 7:00 AM to catch my 9:05 flight to Brussels and then on to Dubrovnik tomorrow.