Everybody slept in and at about 1:45 Alena and I set out. First stop was the same café from 2 days ago for drinks and then a walk through a nearby park overlooking the city, and then we continued down towards Old Town. Architecturally, this is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. This sheer detail in the stonework, the gothic and roman styles intersecting, the fact that the “new” buildings were built I the 1800’s – it’s wild.

Kristyna met us in the Old Square, and we went up the Old Tower, the same building as the astronomical clock located centrally in Old Town Square which provides incredible panoramic views of the whole city, but especially Old Town and the square.

Next stop was the astronomical clock which is still working some 606 years after it was first installed. Pretty insane detail on that thing. Apparently it puts on quite the show on the hour.

We crossed the Vltava River – but not on the Charles Bridge, but the bridge just down from the Charles Bridge, which gave us a view of the Charles Bridge! It was perfect! We nabbed lunch at a great café, and kept the journey going. Next stop… the castle!

The Prague Castle is apparently the “largest castle complex in the world”, it’s like an entire city behind fortification. The church on the inside is like what Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was trying to copy. Absolutely incredible detail, you could stare at the thing for days and keep noticing things you hadn’t seen before.

We stopped at the nearby monastery for drinks and a rest, before soaking in the views and eventually making our way back down the hill towards the Charles Bridge. On our way back to the bridge Alena and Kristyna took me by the John Lennon wall which was really cool! One of those things you might not find if you were traveling on your own, but I had the best tour guides imaginable!

The bridge is clearly a tourist hot spot, but architecturally a marvel, especially considering it was built over 600 years ago! (Construction ended in 1402!) It connects the Prague Castle and Old Town. At the end of the bridge stands the Charles Bridge Tower. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but Alena and Kristyna encouraged me to run up it right then and there. 137 stairs later I’d reached the top! Like with the Old Town Tower, it provided an amazing view of the city. The view was particularly beautiful given the time of day, and the sun setting right behind the Charles Bridge.

I ran back down, and we went to the train station. I said my goodbyes to Kristyna, and just got back to Alena and Vojta’s where I’m doing some London planning! Excited to explore more tomorrow!