Woke up as late as I could (12:30ish), checked out of the hotel at 1:00, and went out for lunch at Godt Brod with the whole group. Afterwards I made my way to the local park where for 2 hours I just listened to a few podcasts, wrote yesterday’s journal entry, and wrote a few postcards to clients back home.

We left the Scandic Vulcan not long after 4:45, and were told we’d be on the road for 1.5-2 hours. Two Serial podcasts later, we pull to a stop at a Thon Hotel in Åsgårdstrand, which we soon learn is the former home of Edvard Munch. We know we’ll be driving back to Oslo tomorrow night, and I know the Munch Museum is just outside our Grünerløkka Red Box, so if I had to guess (always wrong), I’d say it’s a Munch themed week, but who knows.

We had dinner at the hotel, met Pia who will be directing this episode, and then me and Kate helped Kelsey, Thomas, and Lauren catch up on their journals.

Random but on today is about day 4 of my left eyelid being a bit swollen. Maybe a sty? I’m not really sure. I’m not too worried, but I hope it doesn’t look too bad on TV!


Today’s Title Inspiration: