Woke up early and Anna gave me a ride to the airport for my 7:55 flight. I nabbed a sandwich for breakfast in an attempt to use my last Great British Pounds, and was soon on my flight to Dusseldorf Germany.

I napped most of my flights today due to my short night of sleep last night. After ~3 hour layover I was back on the plane flying to “Lissabon”.

The landing was beautiful – white buildings built all over the side of hills, and a large bridge that bore a very strong resemblance to San Francisco’s Golden Gate. I picked up some Euro’s, hopped on the Underground, and soon found myself on Lisbon’s main street Rua De Agusto. The hostel I’m staying in Traveler Hostel is at a remarkable location a mere 2 blocks from Lisbon’s Arch of Triumph, and right on the main street. I’m in a 6 bed dorm with a ~20 year old German Johannes, and a few others I have yet to meet.

After getting situated it was time to start exploring! A quick walk around town made me feel like I was in a 1700-1800’s version of San Francisco. Lots of hills, right on the water, plenty of wind, intricate buildings that are crammed together.

There was a big area near the water for locals to watch Euro’s being played in France. I caught the start of the Italy/Belgium matchup. Eventually I had to make my way back for the 9:00 Chorizo feed. Each night the hostel organizes something – tonight it was chorizo dinner with unlimited red wine – great for trying an assortment of chorizo. At dinner I met a few nice nurses from Toronto, and a family from San Jose, CA – Clay, his sister Kira and their mom Celine.

After dinner, me and Johannes joined the family of 3 who heard there was a street festival taking place nearby. After a 15 minute walk we finally caught the end of a great street party. Music in the streets, people dancing, and food and drinks flowing.

Afterwards I was enticed into buying a churro from a vendor in the street. “Cuanto Cuesta?” I asked in Spanish knowing they speak Portuguese here. “Two Euro”. Seems a bit pricey for a churro, but they look delicious so I capitulate and hand him a couple of coins. He nabs a bag and fills it was 7 churros. Score! Everyone in the group gets churros!

On our way back to the hostel we stop at “the pink street” and share some sangria. The mom Celine had a particularly good time, and ended up singing Super Freak at the top her lungs on the way back home.

The family leaves for the airport at 3:30 AM and wanted to stay out late. Clay, myself, and 4-5 others in the hostel turn on the Golden State Warrior Vs. Cleveland Cavalier game 5 Finals game. I head to bed at halftime with the game tied up. Currently no distinct plans for tomorrow.