Pretty mellow day. Woke up and got on a bus leaving Stryn around 9:30. As fun as it may be to guess our next location, we’ve quickly learned any attempts are mostly fruitless. We started towards Bergen, but then diverged paths.

The highlight of the drive was the ferry ride – all of 15 minutes but another beautiful way to experience the fjords. We stopped in Gol at the same place we had lunch on our way to Flåm (Tollefsen Theodorsen Mathus), great stuff again.

We kept driving south which was very exciting, as we kept getting closer to Tvedestrand! Joni and Lauren also have family in the Telemark area not far from where we were driving.

We eventually stopped in Ulefoss, a spot not too far from Skier. I’m intrigued how this will in any way work into Syttende Mai, but whatever we do will be great.

We walked a few blocks to another great dinner, and as I write this we’re back in our hotel watching the Eurovision 2016 finals! I’m rooting for Sound of Silence from Australia, but many people think Russia will win. Excited for tomorrow!

Seriously… listen to this song… it’s great!