Absolutely exhausted I sleep in until past 10:00, and then take care of administrative stuff for the next week or so (book flight to London on Tuesday for less than $200, have Alena print some stuff for me at at work, and book one night at hotel later this week.)

Past noon I walk a few blocks to a café and order lunch. “And a beer?” the waiter asks? Huh? No it’s Thursday at 12:45, but I’m intrigued and I like where this guy’s head is at. I hang out at the café after lunch and do some reading, then return to Alena’s for more reading. The walk through the streets of Prague is beautiful – the buildings are immaculate and SO colorful.

Alena returns with coworkers around 6:45 and it’s time to go out for dinner and drinks! Great! Now I’m not a beer guy (at all), but it blows my mind that at the pub, a Pilsner Urquell costs 23 CK, or 30% than an equal size Sprite. Huh!? I know beer is SUPER pricey in Norway, but this pub is literally selling glasses of beer for $0.95! I instantly see why the Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than any country in the world. I have a cider and a mediocre burger, but have a great time hanging with the crew of 10 others, including Kristyna who I also met in Seattle with Alena back in 2013.

Side note research: Per capita – the Czech Republic drinks 142.6 liters per year! That’s 88% more than the US, at 75.8 liters, and 36% more than Germany at 104.7 liters! Maybe my mind is only so blow because in Norway beer was so pricey, but the fact that beer costs 8.4x more in Norway than here!? Somebody needs to arbitrage that! (Probably illegal.)

We moseyed back to Alena and Vojta’s place. I’m headed to the hotel tomorrow afternoon!