We have breakfast as a group, before continuing to relax in our rooms. After a group lunch we all jump shuttles to the airport, where, we joke, someone is just handing out free tickets to Norway! It’s like a dream come true! “You want to go to Norway? Here, have a boarding pass!”

I sit next to Lauren on the flight which is great being that I didn’t get to know her as well at dinner last night. She’s a 5th year student at the University of Minnesota, and is the youngest girl on the trip (23). She’s got a happy go lucky attitude and is a blast to be around. Very upbeat.

The flight left Newark at 7:00 PM (which is 1AM Oslo time but 4PM Seattle time), so I only managed an hour of sleep, but at least got to take in the beautiful views of central Norway as we approached Oslo and flew over the mountains.

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