I was thrilled to have another low key day in Oslo. At 10:30 we met Brita and were taken to the TV Norge studios to film some promotional material for the show – a weird robotic lift animation and us walk on treadmills. The highlight of the ~2 hours at the studio was seeing pieces of the promotional 30 second clips coming together – including us around the fire with Fridtjof, and shots from Flåm helicopter rides and Undredal.

After a quick pizza lunch at the studios we went to the mall where I picked up a new batter charger adapter for $4, so I’ll never run out of camera battery juice. Back at our hotel at 2:30 I napped until ~6:30, and then we all went to tasty Thai for dinner.

The luxury of having the troll is not having to worry about being “on” for the next 5 days. We leave our hotel at 6:45 tomorrow morning, but I felt great going out in Oslo on a Friday night. All but Joni made it out, following the lead of Johnny’s friend Quinten. Bar hopping between 3 spots highlighted by coconut drinks at a tiki bar and group (Aku Aku), and group karaoke/sing along on the river (Syng), and a 50’s bar. Cannot wait to find out where we’re going tomorrow. My alarm clock is going off in 3 hours 🙂